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Tue, Sep. 20th, 2005, 02:15 pm
lady_ravenstar: hello.

hi everyone. im so glad i found this place. im engaged to wonderful bloke who i love completely. but geez i can not STAND his parents sometimes. alrite i dont live with them (thankgod) but not far enough away. my problem is that my fiance and i dont get any peace. his parents must call him about 6 times a day and message him about the same amount too (a fair few times during you know what). wheres the drill? wheres the keys?
when are you coming over? why arent you coming over? have you set a date for the wedding? ( its 21/2 years away) they arent exactly bad people but they are so suffocating! his mum has to invole me in his little sisters relationship problems when she is big enough & mature enough to handle things on her own, she involves herself WAY TOO deeply in her daughters relationship problems and then tries to get me involved. i think that week she called me everyday at work and messaged and called me on the mobile about 20 times!i was that stressed out and tired of her calls i was sick for the next whole week. im scared of what she'll be like if my fiance & i have a tiff! im also scared that she is going to try and run the whole wedding and have it her way.
does anyone else have this problem? suffocating inlaws ? i cant take it anymore!

Mon, Sep. 19th, 2005 11:51 pm (UTC)

baby steps....... Dont answer her calls tell your fiance when she asks him about why your doing it to tell hr straight out that you have become uncomfortable with the amount of communication! You need to tell him to tell hi smom that HE will contact THEM when he needs osmething and def set up a time there not allowed ot call past..... I told my MIL way long ago that I had a mom and didn't need another... she didn't get the message I no longer see or speak to my husbands family.

Mon, Jan. 16th, 2006 03:11 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): I understand totally

Hello. God I can't say enough how glad I am to have found a site like this - somewhere to vent my anger about my irritating inlaws!! Christ almighty - you know, I never realised that when you marry a person, in effect you marry their entire family as well - if I'd have known that before the wedding, I may have reconsidered!!! Where do I start... I understand totally where you are coming from as I get the same thing. I was living in England where mine where for 5 years, and several times every week, like every second day, they'd phone up "just for a chat" (why do they think I want to relay every aspect of my life to them?), summon us to their house EVERY FREAKING WEEKEND - do they not think we have anything else to do in our lives but to please them??? My FIL would call up drunk and hound me about locking ourselves into a massive mortgage and never going on holidays again "because it's great to be 60 and own your own home" - like what the...? If you want to take a holiday he said, we're going to buy a villa in Spain, you can take a holiday with us each yea - aahhh YAY - NO THANKS!! Not just me, but my husband as well gets sick of their interfering & suffocating meddling ways. He's had to put up with it his whole life. Enough for us to move back to Australia to get away from it. But has that stopped them? NOOOOOO. Every Sunday night at 7pm the phone rings and it's them, asking us the same questions they asked us the previous Sunday night, and every Sunday night before that. We've only been back just over a year and they've already visited once for 7 weeks, and they're arriving again in a month for another month and when they're here they expect us to spend every spare second we have with them. It's alright for them, they're old and stupid & boring & RETIRED - I'm the only sucker going to work 40 hrs a week and when I don't make myself available for them, they whinge!!!!! We had to fly back to England in June last year for a month for my hubby's brother's wedding (he was made best man I'm sure of it just to make sure he goes back) and they wanted us to go back again in October last year for their 40th wedding anniversary party, they want us there again at Xmas and now his brother's saying he'll expect us back there again for his new baby's christening... DO THEY THINK WE HAVE A FUCKING MONEY TREE GROWING IN OUR GARDEN!! GET FUCKED THEY DO MY HEAD IN!!!!

Mon, Jan. 16th, 2006 06:31 pm (UTC)
lady_ravenstar: Re: I understand totally

man, you've got it worse than me! if your husband feels the same you should have a talk to him. i spoke to my fiance and apparanty he was sick of the constant calling and questions so we both agreed that when we got home from work the mobile phones would be turned off straight away after 6.00pm. and im glad we did coz his dad has been texting him at 2am! because he was bored....... but we dont get the texts until we turn on the phones when we wake up.we have been working together to get out of theses situations his parents put us in. so far its working.

Sat, Mar. 26th, 2011 06:20 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Suffocating Inlaws

Wow these posts sound way to familair. I have been dealing with this for 10 years and now do not know what to do. I work a very demanding job and need weekends to unwind. My inlaws would like us there every weekend in an ideal world. But when we are there they just criticize and talk about why we missed the last get together or when the next one is. And they are never by our house of course, we make all the effort.

I dont know, my wife wants to spend more time with them. After a long week the last thing I need is this BS. My wife and I are at a crossroads, not sure the next step. Let me just say things do not get any easier when married in these situations. At least we have not introduced kids inti the mix, we want to solve our issues first.